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D&H Equipment aims to collaborate with industry partners, suppliers and customers to foster sustainability initiatives to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


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Our sustainability mission

Our Commitment to a Greener Future

D&H Equipment aims to collaborate with industry partners, suppliers, and customers to foster sustainability initiatives. We will actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability, supporting research and development efforts, and participating in industry-wide programs to drive positive environmental change.

At D&H Equipment, our mission is to lead the industry in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. We are committed to helping businesses in New Zealand transition towards a greener future by providing a wide range of electric machines alongside our existing diesel equipment. Our goal is to empower businesses to incorporate more electric machines in their fleets, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint and fostering a cleaner environment.

In addition, we pledge to make a positive impact on our planet by planting five trees for every machine sold. This commitment ensures that we not only offer sustainable solutions but also actively contribute to reforestation efforts, enhancing biodiversity and mitigating climate change.

With a steadfast focus on innovation and sustainability, we strive to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking to make environmentally conscious choices in their equipment investments. Through our dedication to reducing emissions, promoting electric alternatives, and nurturing the natural world, D&H Equipment aims to inspire change, create a sustainable future, and leave a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve.

Championing Environmental Best Practices
Sustainability is at the forefront of our operations, and we strive to lead by example in promoting a greener and more responsible approach to business.
Electric Business Vehicles
At D&H Equipment, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and leading the way in sustainable business practices. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are excited to announce that we are switching to electric vehicles (EVs) for all our business vehicles.
Recycling & Waste Reduction Programs
We have implemented rigorous recycling protocols throughout our facilities to ensure proper sorting and disposal of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal.
Carbon Off Setting
With every purchase made, we will plant trees on behalf of our customers. Trees play a vital role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen.

At D&H Equipment, sustainability is not just a goal. It is a guiding principle that drives our every decision and action.

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